So your little one is teething…

May 28, 2020

Drool everywhere. Cranky. Sleep regression. Teething stinks and not just for your kiddo - you’re worried and losing sleep too. We at Let’s Smile Dental know what it’s like - we’re parents too - and since we’re also pediatric dentists, we have some tips to help. Check out a few of our favorite teething remedies below*: 

Fun teethers: 

Molar Magician

  • Why we like it: non-toxic, fun shape, babies love the different textures and the knobs reach back to the molar area.
  • Downside: it’s a bit pricey...but check out our Pro Tip for the Teething Egg below! 

Teething Egg

Banana Toothbrush

  • Why we like it: great handles, cute look...and it's a TOOTHBRUSH! You’re getting your little one into good habits before they even know they need them. 
  • Downside: the brush picks up threads from some carpeting very easily

Nubby Teether Keys

  • Why we like it: they go in the freezer so your little one gets a nice cooling feel while chewing. And, unlike the old “ice cubes in a washcloth” technique, they don’t melt and drip everywhere AND there’s no choking hazard. 
  • Downside: they don’t stay cold super long, so if your little one really likes these we recommend getting more than one set. 


Mini bagels (the kind with a crustier outside)

  • Why we like it: they work well frozen or at room temperature, and they give a long-lasting chew. Plus, they taste yummy! 
  • Downside: you’ll likely end up with gooey bagel debris on your shirt.

Frozen waffles

  • Why we like it: cold, cheap, food! 
  • Downside: they get soggy fast.


Amber necklace for feels like an old wives tale (pardon the expression) but many swear by their supposed anti-inflammatory and fever reducing qualities.

  • Why we like it: whether they work or not, they look cute! 

Silicone chewbeads for you! 

  • Why we like it: Easy access for baby / fashionable, fun patterns and designs for mom (or dad)
  • Downside: babies tend to yank and while most have easy pop closures, it can still tug at your skin. Which brings us to our...
  • Pro Tip: instead of wearing the necklace, hook it around your baby carrier or the activity bar of the stroller for on the go teething. 

And our final Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid of Tylenol. When you have a headache, you take something to relieve the pain - imagine bones moving through your head and breaking through the gums! It’s ok to give your little one a little relief. Just make sure you check the dosage and frequency with your pediatrician.

At Let’s Smile Dental, we care about your little ones and we care about your sanity during teething. The emergence of your child’s first tooth is actually a great time to come visit us. Getting your little one used to the dentist early on will make it an easier experience down the road. Plus, we have more tips and tricks up our sleeves when it comes to teething and oral health. 

Call 703-719-5828 or click below to schedule an appointment. Our fun, friendly practice is just the place to find some solace from that teething baby! 

*We are not endorsing any of the products linked in this post, nor are we being paid to advertise them. We simply wanted to provide you with examples of the items in our list. Feel free to ask us about any specific products you’re looking into and we’d be happy to give you our thoughts!

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