Unique 3D Printed Braces for your Unique Child

April 14, 2022

It’s time to give your child orthodontic treatment that is both high tech and personalized specifically for their developing mouth. At Let’s Smile Orthodontics we offer LightForce - 3D printed braces that are as unique as your child and designed specifically for them. 

Many parents come to us seeking a custom high-tech solution for their child’s orthodontic care but aren’t ready to commit to clear aligners or Invisalign because they’re concerned about compliance. (After all, pre-teens and tweens aren’t always the most responsible when it comes to keeping track of their aligners - and you know your kid best.) For those parents, we are pleased to offer LightForce - advanced orthodontic treatment using the world’s only 3D printed braces! 

3D printing at its finest

By using 3D printing we can be sure that each and every bracket fits each of your child’s teeth perfectly. Lightforce optimizes tooth movement, ensuring comfort for our patients and limiting the time you’re needed in our office. Also, custom brackets can mean lower frequency of appointments since all planning has been done digitally. 

Because Lightforce is 100% customizable, our doctors have full flexibility and control over building the most personalized orthodontic treatment plan for your child. LightForce’s 3D technology allows brackets to be patient-specific, giving our doctors the ability to map your child’s pathway to a better, healthier smile based on their unique needs and jaw growth.

What happens during an initial consultation?

At Let's Smile, our initial complimentary consultation starts with a complete digital scan of your child's mouth (none of that goop you remember from your childhood) that you will be able to review with the Doctor. Once you approve our treatment plan, we will custom design each bracket for your child’s smile and align them in the optimal position for efficient and smooth tooth movement. This specificity allows us to shorten treatment times as well! 

Ready to learn more? We offer complimentary consultations and can’t wait to meet you and your child! Click below to get started. 

Care You Can Trust:

Dr. Ghatri is a leading orthodontist and top provider in our area. Dr. Ghatri and his team utilize state-of-the-art treatments and technologies to provide the most effective, safe, and comfortable experience for their patients. 

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