Tell Me More About Dental X-Rays For Kids

January 7, 2022

At Let’s Smile Dental, we pride ourselves on taking the best care possible for our patient’s health and safety. One important area where we’ve found our patients’ parents are seeking information is dental x-rays. They want to know if they’re necessary and if they’re safe for their kids, and we don’t blame them. Below is some information on why we think x-rays are important AND how we ensure safety around those scans. 

X-Rays Are Important 

The eye alone cannot detect what is happening below the surface. While an experienced dentist can make an educated guess, nothing replaces the imaging that an x-ray can provide as part of our diagnostic process. They can help us diagnose bone diseases, evaluate an injury (or its lasting results), and survey erupting teeth. Not only are they important in the here and now, but x-rays help us find and treat dental issues early, which can lead to more comfortable (and affordable) care down the line. 

How Often? At Let’s Smile Dental, we take x-ray frequency very seriously and ascribe to the Image Gently Association’s Guidelines including, “more is not better”. We will ascertain whether there is a real need for an X-ray at each visit rather than merely scheduling them regularly. 

Considerations for safety: Some of the considerations we take into account when planning a safe x-ray for your child are: 

  • Speed: we use the fastest imaging technology available to us to minimize your child’s exposure to radiation.
  • Specificity: x-rays are much more specific these days. No more “round the head” shots. We can zone in on a specific area of your child’s mouth to gain exactly the image we need without extraneous radiation zones. 
  • Shields: When called for, we will use child-appropriate shields to block any area of your child’s body outside of the spot we need to scan. 

With a focus on safety, the amount of radiation received in a dental x-ray represents a negligible risk - one that is outweighed by the risk of undetected and untreated dental issues. 

At Let’s Smile Dental, we care about our patients and their safety. If you have concerns or would like more information, we’d be happy to speak with you - just click the link below to schedule an appointment. 

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