Fluoride Treatment & Orthodontics

Fluoride Treatment & Orthodontics

A Fluoride Treatment is a great way to keep your teeth sparkling & healthy during orthodontic treatment. Our team at Let’s Smile knows that there are many ways you can protect your pearly whites throughout your orthodontic treatment. If you follow the rules and brush your teeth twice a day, floss often, and protect your […]

The Worst Halloween Candy for Braces

The Worst Halloween Candy For Braces

With the holiday approaching, what is the worst Halloween candy for braces? Most kids love candy; actually, most people in general love candy. So when it comes time for you to get braces there can often be a natural conflict between candy consumption and maintaining the integrity of your braces. For that reason, Dr. Ghatri […]

Tips for Avoiding an Orthodontic Emergency

Tips for Avoiding an Orthodontic Emergency

The best way to avoid an orthodontic emergency is to know how to take care of your braces properly throughout your entire treatment. However, emergencies are … well, emergencies, and sometimes no matter how cautious you are or how well you take care of your braces, the wires loosen, the bands pop, or you experience […]

Separators and rubber bands

Too Old For Braces? You Might Be Surprised!

There’s no reason for adults of any age to have to deal with crooked teeth! Although adolescence is a common time to get braces, there’s no reason for adults of any age to have to deal with crooked teeth, overbite, underbite, or other dental issues. In fact, the American Association of Orthodontists notes that demand […]

How Do I Know If I Need Braces | Let's Smile Dental

How Do I Know if I Need Braces?

Do I Need Braces? Perhaps you feel your teeth are not perfectly straight, or you think your bite could be adjusted. It’s quite possible that braces and other orthodontic treatments might be the right choice for you. As orthodontic professionals, our team at Let’s Smile works with your general dentist in order to determine the […]

Accelerated Treatment Options for Orthodontics

Are Braces Right for Me?

How do you know if you need braces? It’s estimated that 50 percent of people around the world have teeth that are crooked, not aligned properly, or irregular & need braces. Fortunately today, orthodontics has advanced to the point where braces and retainers, are less obvious, and more comfortable. They can also be worn for […]