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LightForce está aquí – ¡Frenos impresos en 3D para un tratamiento personalizado!

En Let’s Smile Dental estamos comprometidos a brindarles a nuestros pacientes los tratamientos de ortodoncia más avanzados posibles, a fin de hacer que dicho tratamiento sea fácil, eficiente, y efectivo. Es por esto que nos da mucho orgullo anunciar que ya ofrecemos el servicio de LightForce, los únicos frenos impresos en 3D del mundo. LightForce […]


LightForce is Here – 3D Printed Braces For Personalized Treatment!

At Let’s Smile Dental we are committed to bringing our patients the most advanced orthodontics possible, to make sure your treatment is easy, efficient, and effective. That’s why we’re proud to announce that we are now offering LightForce, the world’s only 3D printed braces. LightForce is lightyears ahead of traditional braces. LightForce is a state-of-the-art […]


Cavities in Children: Why do they show up and what can you do to prevent them?

It’s probably disheartening to know that your child is susceptible to tooth decay (AKA cavities) from the time that their first little gem pops out of their gums. While there are many reasons why kids get cavities, luckily there is also a lot you can do to prevent them. What causes cavities? First off, tooth […]

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Invisalign & DM – The Perfect Pair for Orthodontics During Social Distancing

We live in strange times – gestures once taken for granted – handshakes, hugs, fist bumps – are now taboo; even our smiles are often hidden behind masks. But that doesn’t mean no one is seeing your smile. COVID-19 has meant socially distancing ourselves but it has also meant a boom in social media. Humans […]


So your little one is teething…

Drool everywhere. Cranky. Sleep regression. Teething stinks and not just for your kiddo – you’re worried and losing sleep too. We at Let’s Smile Dental know what it’s like – we’re parents too – and since we’re also pediatric dentists, we have some tips to help. Check out a few of our favorite teething remedies […]


Let’s Smile Dental Welcoming Back Patients

Dear Patients of Let’s Smile Dental, We are happy to welcome you back to the office starting 05.06.2020 as we reopen under the guidelines of the governor’s office. Hygiene and safety have always been a priority at our office and we will be taking additional measures to ensure the safety of our patients and staff […]