The truth about pacifiers, thumbsucking, and dental health

For a new parent the amount of information that comes at you about your baby’s health can be overwhelming. Just when you think you’re well-informed, someone shares an article on social media or you read about new research in a parenting magazine, making you question if you’re really doing the right thing for your baby. […]


Un proveedor nivel diamante plus de Invisalign es el mejor amigo de una madre

Un diamante es el mejor amigo de una mujer, ¿cierto? Bueno, nosotros pensamos que un proveedor nivel diamante plus de Invisalign es el mejor amigo de una madre. ¿Por qué? Saber que su ortodoncista ha alcanzado los más altos niveles de experiencia significa que usted o su hijo sacarán provecho de toda esa experiencia, y […]


A Diamond Plus Invisalign Provider is a Mom’s Best Friend

A diamond is a girl’s best friend, right? Well, we think a Diamond Plus Level Invisalign Provider is a mom’s best friend. Why? Knowing that your orthodontist has achieved the highest levels of experience means that you or your child are getting the benefit of that expertise.  What is a Diamond Plus Level Invisalign Provider? […]

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Overcome Your Child’s Fear of the Dentist with Sedation Dentistry

We like to think of ourselves at Let’s Smile Dental as superheroes tasked with protecting your child’s smile or some other dental do-gooders who swoop in to polish and shine their teeth while battling the big baddie – tooth decay! Of course, there are those who imagine us as boogie men whose only enjoyment out […]

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Consultas virtuales en Let’s Smile Dental

Las visitas virtuales a los doctores se han vuelto más comunes y convenientes. En Let’s Smile Dental nos complace proporcionar consultas virtuales a nuestra comunidad. Si está interesado en Invisalign o en brackets, esto es lo que debe saber para iniciar su tratamiento de ortodoncia desde la comodidad de su hogar.  ¿Qué son las consultas […]


Orthodontic Virtual Consultations at Let’s Smile Dental

Telehealth doctor visits are becoming increasingly common and convenient. At Let’s Smile Dental Practice we are happy to provide complementary Virtual Consultations to our community. If you are interested in Invisalign or braces, here’s what you need to know about getting your orthodontic treatment started from the comfort of your home. What are Virtual Consultations? […]