Make Your Child’s Journey Towards Orthodontics Fun with Let’s Smile Dental’s 7&Up Club!


Did you know that the AAO (American Association of Orthodontists) recommends children ages 7 and up see an orthodontist regularly? It’s true! While most parents think of orthodontic treatment as something for their kids tween and teen years, there are actually big benefits to having regular orthodontic check-ins for your 7, 8, 9 and 10 year olds. 

Why? With regular appointments, a trained orthodontist can spot problem areas as they arise in your growing child’s mouth and help advise potential early intervention treatments that can reduce the time needed for orthodontics when they are ready to get started. Having a trained doctor (yep, orthodontists are doctors! …with extra training!) monitoring your child’s jaw growth is just as important as their regular well visits with the pediatrician.

At Let’s Smile Dental, we want to make that journey a fun one! Not only are our doctors and offices fun places to be but we’ve also built out our 7&Up club with your kiddo in mind! 

What’s the 7&Up Club? Glad you asked! 

  • Complimentary bi-annual check-ins with a trained orthodontist 
  • A fun membership card for your kiddo
  • Cool birthday gifts
  • Partnerships with local businesses for discounts
  • Periodic surprise gifts and offers
  • AND, upon completion of orthodontic treatment with Let’s Smile Dental, your child will receive a FREE tooth whitening kit! 

How much does this club cost? NOTHING! It’s FREE! 

Our goal is to help your child experience a smooth transition into orthodontic treatment and get them eager to embark on their journey to a dazzling smile. With bi-annual appointments they will build a relationship with our team and feel comfortable with our practice. This way, when treatment time approaches, they’ll be excited and ready to go! 

Ready to join? Awesome! Click below to enroll and schedule your first complimentary consultation. 

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