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Meet Dr. Eva Swenson

We are pleased to introduce Dr. Eva Swenson, our newest Pediatric Dentist at Let’s Smile Dental.

Dr. Swenson has an international and diverse dental background.  She combines her American and Scandinavian dental philosophies to bring a unique perspective to pediatric dentistry with a gentle, conservative, and preventative approach. She believes that every dental visit should be a positive experience, and establishing a trusting relationship with her patients and their parents is the key to a lifelong positive attitude towards good oral health!   She graduated from dental school at the Royal Dental College at Aarhus University in Denmark 2010 with an MSc in Dental Surgery, and completed Pediatric Postdoctoral Program at the UAB in Birmingham, where she earned her Pediatric Dental Specialty degree in June 2015.

When Dr. Swenson is not busy taking care of our incredible patients, she enjoys hiking, traveling and baking!

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