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Meet the Team

Dental Assistants

Our dental assistants are highly trained in the handling of our pediatric patients. They understand that the initial appointments may come with an adjustment period for our youngest patients. They are specially trained to alleviate any fears associated with the dentist; they avoid words such as extractions, shots, or cavities. They do an amazing job educating the patient and parent on good oral health habits to ensure their healthcare remains with them even when they are out of the dental chair!

Orthodontic Assistants

The orthodontic assistants are the right hand to our orthodontists. Many of our patients know our orthodontic assistants by name. The assistants make it a point to build a relationship with their patients—you are a part of the Lets Smile Family!

General Manager

Our General Manager is the glue that holds everything together. The GM overlooks every aspect of our practice and is often the go-to contact for all things related to our doctors.

Orthodontic Treatment Coordinators

Our treatment coordinator is one of the first people you will come into contact with. Our treatment coordinators, along with our doctors, will provide you with a detailed and customized treatment plan. They are highly knowledgeable in the specialty of orthodontics, and often have experience in orthodontic assisting.

Office Managers and Coordinators

Our office coordinators are going to be your main point of contact. They work diligently to make sure correspondence is translated correctly from doctor to patient and from doctor to doctor. They are here to help you with any of your needs throughout your treatment and are well trained in administrative handling and the specialty of orthodontics.

Insurance Coordinators

The insurance coordinators are your go-to girls for all things insurance. They are experts in understanding all insurance policies. Our insurance coordinators will help you understand your financial responsibility and can answer any questions you may have.

Records Technicians

Our records technicians have one of the most rewarding jobs of all. They have the privilege of tracking your progress by recording your initial smile, where you may be hesitant and not very confident. At the end of treatment, they record final photos of your ideal smile! What a world of difference they witness; from the initial appointment to the last, where our patients cannot stop smiling!

Maegan Abugidieri, General Manager

Julie Benalja, Pediatric Clinical Coordinator

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