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What Is An Oral Surgeon?

Oral surgery is a dental specialty! In addition to dental surgery on the teeth and gums, oral surgeons can perform surgery on the head, neck, face, and jaws. These surgeons have dedicated their careers to alleviating dental pain, repairing facial trauma and removing or saving damaged teeth. In addition to a 4-year dental degree, a four-to-six year surgical residency is required. Oral surgeons are also experts in local and general anesthesia. While some oral surgeons work in a hospital setting, most work in comfortable, outpatient environments like Let’s Smile Dental. Between the outpatient setting and the carefully administered anesthesia, oral surgery can be a surprisingly comfortable procedure – much less painful than going without treatment.


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Dental implants are strong non-removable prosthetic replacement tooth ...


All-On-Four Procedure is a dental implant procedure that provides patients ...


Dental extraction relates to the process of removing a tooth from its socket ...

Wisdom Teeth

The last teeth to come in, wisdom teeth are the third and last molars on both ...

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What Treatments Can An Oral Surgeon Provide?

Oral surgeons treat a wide variety of conditions. One of the most common procedures is wisdom teeth extraction. Wisdom teeth come in later than other teeth and often need to be removed to prevent long-term, oral health concerns. If a tooth becomes severely damaged, it may need to be extracted and an oral surgeon can help with that. Often, a dental implant is put into its place to allow for effective chewing and to prevent eruption of adjacent and occluding teeth. Oral surgeons also play a role in diagnosing and treating cancers of the mouth. Additionally, they perform cosmetic procedures to correct birth defects or reduce scarring after an injury to the face. These procedures often require pre-post-op-instructions. Your oral surgeon will consult with you to help you understand what to do before coming for your appointment, as well as how to take care of yourself after you go home.

When Should I See An Oral Surgeon?

If you have tooth pain or other oral hygiene concerns, you’ll want to know who to call – fast. Common issues that require an oral surgeon include tooth extraction, dental reconstruction, and dental implants. In many cases, the first step is to make an appointment with your general dentist. If your dentist thinks you might need oral surgery, they will refer you to a surgeon for assessment and potential treatment. If you have an immediate need, call an emergency dentist. Like the emergency room, an emergency dentist is trained to stabilize your injury quickly. Sometimes, after the condition is stabilized, they will refer you to an oral surgeon for follow-up treatment.



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My son loves it here. The dentist and hygienist describe every tool they are about to use and how they are going to use them. Most importantly, they know how to talk to kids and have a good sense of humor.
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Love, love, love the whole staff here! I am being treated for adult orthodontic surgical braces to correct my underbite. Throughout the entire process from the initial consultation, finance/payment, greeting/exit of each appointment, and of course the talented and genuine staff that treat your teeth each time,
We were in an emergent situation after a playground accident/trauma and within 10 mins of calling and upon arrival, we were greeted, evaluated, and treated immediately on our first visit.
They are AWESOME....I make that drive from Alexandria to Fairfax to take my kid here. My kid loves that they make her feel comfortable and they are just happy and jolly.