Orthodontic FAQ

Orthodontic FAQ

Do you have any questions about orthodontic treatment? Find your answers below.

Selecting an orthodontist in Fairfax, Va, Springfield, VA, or Reston, VA who can craft the smile you’ve always wanted is important. An orthodontist is a specially trained dentist trained in the diagnosis, prevention, and correction of malpositioned teeth and jaws. Orthodontists take an additional two-to-three years of education in order to earn the distinction of becoming an Orthodontist. This education sets them apart from other dental professionals that may offer Orthodontic services, but have yet to complete the additional training to become an Orthodontist.
You should take your child to see an Orthodontist at age seven. This is typically when permanent teeth erupt, and our Orthodontists can monitor the progress and potential problems as the dentition develops. With this in mind, Orthodontic treatment is not just for young children and teens, many adults get Orthodontic treatment, too!
You’re never too old to receive the smile of your dreams! Adults of any age can get braces or aligners.
No. All consultations are complimentary. Consultations typically include scanning of your teeth and an evaluation by our board-certified Orthodontists.
The first consultation will take roughly 30 minutes to one hour to complete depending on how ready the patient is for treatment. During this appointment, we will take a scan of the patient’s teeth, take full records and conclude with a meeting with our Orthodontists about treatment options. The Orthodontist may just do a quick check on your child if they are first developing their adult teeth to qualify them for a full consultation.
Every patient’s case is vastly different from the next. There’s no “one-size-fits-all” answer to this question. Costs are determined by the complexity of your diagnosis, and length of treatment. During your complimentary consultation, our expert treatment coordinators will create a customized treatment plan with the assistance of our Board Certified Orthodontists. Once you are presented with this treatment plan, your treatment coordinator will go over finances and different payment plans to ensure that finances do not get in the way of you having the smile of your dreams.

Treatment will usually be concluded in two years of active tooth movement. However, there is no “one-size-fits-all” answer to this question. Treatment time is determined by the complexity of your diagnosis. There are accelerated treatment options that are shown to decrease treatment time by 50%. Find out more about our accelerated treatment options here.

It is normal to experience minor pain and discomfort following the application of braces. Remedies for relieving minor pain and discomfort include the use of over-the-counter pain relievers, drinking cold water, and use of an oral anesthetic spray. 

However, if you experience severe pain and discomfort, please call our orthodontic department immediately so they can evaluate the fit and recommend any necessary medication.

Loose wires and brackets can reduce the functionality and effectiveness of the braces, which may lead to a relapse of the original arch pattern. If your braces are too loose or start falling apart, you should see your orthodontist immediately to evaluate the problem.

Your orthodontist will determine how long and often you should be wearing your retainers. It is important to wear them as prescribed by your doctor as teeth aren’t set in concrete, and your teeth may shift after your braces are removed.

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