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Who Is A Pediatric Dentist?

Healthy oral hygiene habits must start early. Pediatric dentistry is a dental specialty dedicated to providing dental care for children of all ages.

Pediatric dentists must undergo long and rigorous training. In addition to four years of dental college, they complete a two-to-three-year residency. During this residency, they work in a hospital and outpatient settings. As part of their training, pediatric dentists learn advanced techniques to meet the specific needs of toddlers, school-aged children, and adolescents., including those with disabilities.

Children with cognitive disorders, physical disabilities, behavior concerns, and other special needs can sometimes be more challenging to treat for general dentists. Pediatric dentists take pride in providing expert care for these children. They make coming to the dentist a fun and enjoyable experience, and make treatment as comfortable and gentle as possible. This special care can turn a visit to the dentist from a nightmare into a positive experience.


We create amazing smiles by developing individualized treatment plans, using state-of-the-art technology and the best current treatments.


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Many parents are often mistaken in thinking that baby teeth do not require...


Dental sealants are a type of plastic coating, and they're used to prevent...


Sedation dentistry is simply the use of medication during an oral surgery....

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What treatments does a pediatric dentist provide?

Pediatric dentists begin their training as general dentists. They are prepared to provide the same care as a general dentist would, including: teeth cleaning, taking x-rays, filling cavities, placing crowns and diagnosing and treating other concerns of the mouth and gums. Pediatric dentists perform the same procedure and treatments but are specially trained to perform them on children and adolescents, including those with special needs. They are trained in providing expert advice on teaching effective oral hygiene practices, like regular brushing and flossing, to children of all ages and ability levels.

When should I visit the pediatric dentist?

Baby teeth begin to emerge from the gums during the first six months of life. From that point on, it is strongly recommended to begin regular visits to the dentist. Developing good oral hygiene habits early is a key predictor of a healthy mouth. Begin taking your child in for twice-yearly appointments when their teeth start to come in and continue the practice throughout their teenage years.

Some children are comfortable seeing a general dentist. However, if your child would benefit from the gentle touch and expertise of a specialist, consider making an appointment with a pediatric dentist. Additionally, if your child has physical challenges, cognitive delays, developmental delays or other special needs, it is strongly recommended that they receive care from a pediatric dentist. To learn more about pediatric dentistry, book a free consultation exam at Let’s Smile Dental.



We love that our patients feel inspired to write about the quality of the care they received here at our office. Here are some of the wonderful reviews and comments we have recently received.

My son loves it here. The dentist and hygienist describe every tool they are about to use and how they are going to use them. Most importantly, they know how to talk to kids and have a good sense of humor.
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Love, love, love the whole staff here! I am being treated for adult orthodontic surgical braces to correct my underbite. Throughout the entire process from the initial consultation, finance/payment, greeting/exit of each appointment, and of course the talented and genuine staff that treat your teeth each time,
We were in an emergent situation after a playground accident/trauma and within 10 mins of calling and upon arrival, we were greeted, evaluated, and treated immediately on our first visit.
They are AWESOME....I make that drive from Alexandria to Fairfax to take my kid here. My kid loves that they make her feel comfortable and they are just happy and jolly.